Finding it Hard to Concentrate? Your Diet Could be the Reason Why

When you don’t nourish and nurture yourself you starve your body of essential nutrients that you need in order for you to function properly every day.

Without these essential nutrients your cells cannot thrive, and you need your cells to be in peak condition for your energy levels and for your brain to function.

Before I studied nutrition and health and became a coach I was someone who could work from dusk ’til dawn, grabbing some sort of food on the go, denying myself snacks “to be healthy” and forgetting to drink water. It’s no wonder I was often slow to do my work, feeling resentful and frustrated all the time because I knew I could be doing better.

It’s only since I started and completed my studies that I have come to know the real important role that diet plays in our ability to concentrate and focus.

Your brain needs food, it’s as simple as that. And guess what it really loves? Fat!

The fats you need to support your cognitive health are:

– Nuts and seeds
– Oily fish
– Avocados
– Olives
– Extra virgin olive oil
– Grass-fed butter and ghee
– Coconut oil

The optimum way to eat these healthy fats is alongside some veggies. If you are plant based and can’t eat oily fish I would suggest you take an algae oil supplement instead.

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