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Burnt Out? Perfectionism Could be Holding You Back from Thriving

“It’s not all or nothing, it’s about progress over perfection.”

Will Bulsiewics

Hands up if you’re a perfectionist! As a typical Virgo I struggle with this notion every day, my natural instinct is to have everything in my life “perfect”. But this is why I love this quote so much, and I remind myself of it every day.

When we are self-employed we try our very best to make everything in our business perfect, we expect to have success overnight, because that’s what everyone else achieves right? “If I want something done right I have to do it myself”

When we work for someone else we try our very best to make everything perfect for them, out of fear of them not being happy with us or even out of fear of being fired. “They will think I’m not good enough”

This way of thinking is very negative and distracting, we can lose focus, energy and attention, we procrastinate, and we end up getting nothing done. It snowballs.

This all or nothing approach leaks in to other parts of our lives. Our diets, our exercise regime, our social life, our mental health, our physical health – they all take a hit. We concentrate on the end goal too much which stops us from taking the first few steps, even when it’s something that we know we will enjoy doing.

And the thing is, you progress every day, even if you don’t know it yet.

When I work with clients we start at the very beginning of their goals that they want to achieve and we build on these week by week, taking one supported step at a time. My clients are women who are busy with their work and family, so we make changes and introduce self-care that benefits those instead of hindering them.

If you feel like all you do is work and look after your family with no time for yourself please send me a message and we can have a chat about how you can make some simple but effective changes.

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