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How Eating More Mindfully Can Lead to Burnout Recovery

By doing these small steps when you’re just about to eat something you can help your digestive system to breakdown the food more easily and avoid symptoms like boating and constipation.

Sit down

Use a plate

Put away your phone

Take 3 deep breaths

This is one of the biggest challenges my clients face when working with me but once they start to see and feel the benefits of eating more mindfully they never go back to their old habits.

How many times have you eaten a meal on the go or without even noticing you’ve finished until you go to take another bite and theres no food left on the plate? This happens to so many of us all the time because we’re either too busy or time poor to sit down to eat or we scroll on our phones, reply to emails or watch tv while eating.

We then feel bloated, crampy, gassy, we burb, we pass wind, we suffer from constipation, we gain weight.

A lot of the time it’s not WHAT you’re eating that is causing you these unfavourable symptoms, instead, it’s HOW you’re eating that causes these problems.By practising these simple steps you can go from feeling sluggish and tired after a meal to feeling energised and satisfied.

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