Phoebe Webb Nutrition_Praise

“Before I started working with Phoebe I was heading for burnout. I was only eating during the tiny gaps in my calendar and because I had so little time I was eating all the wrong foods out of convenience. I was addicted to coffee and relied heavily on that and sugary treats for energy. I was taking supplements that were cheap and had done zero research on them beforehand. I was drained of all of my energy by the end of the day and due to the high screen-time and lack of any exercise, I found it hard to sleep at night.At first I was hesitant to commit to the programme as I thought I would be given a set meal plan and a regime that was unrealistic to follow given my busy schedule. Oh how wrong I was! Each week Phoebe set really small and simple goals for me and provided me with guidance on how I can get there. The small changes were achievable and each week I learned something new about the food I was eating and the supplements I should be taking. I made all of the changes and I can tell you that my energy is back! I am getting all of my nourishment from the foods I eat and I am sleeping much better. Not only that but Phoebe makes you look at your lifestyle as a whole. Once you start looking after your nutrition, you want to start looking after everything else. I have noticed that I am minding myself more now. I am able to factor in self care, a short walk and less screen time and I feel the benefits of this every day since I completed the programme. Phoebe has made a huge impact on my life this year. If you are a woman in business and think you may not have time for this, trust me, you will be glad you signed up! Thank you Phoebe x” – Muriel

“I really enjoyed the programme with Phoebe. Only downside was that it flew by! It was so beneficial. It has helped me become a happier and healthier version of myself! Phoebe was so enthusiastic and supportive throughout the programme, a constant support and fountain of knowledge. She listens intently to see how you’re feeling and analyses your eating habits and looks for ways to boost your overall wellbeing. When I first began working with Phoebe, I was drinking 5+ cups of coffee a day. I was relying on it so much for energy but it wasn’t serving me well, it would give me a kick that would last for a bit but then wear off. I would always be exhausted come evening! I’m now drinking one cup or none each day!! I’m feeling so well, full of energy. Incredible what you can achieve by changing some daily habits like what food and drinks you have on a regular basis. I would highly recommend working with Phoebe!” – Mairéad 

“Phoebe’s guidance and support has made such a positive impact my life! I have been suffering from endometriosis for almost three years now. A few months after surgery last year, my pain returned worse than ever, and doctors suggested aggressive hormone therapy with a high probability of another surgery within 12 months. I decided to reach out to Phoebe to get some guidance and advice to see if there was an alternative to this option. Throughout my time working with Phoebe, she was always extremely patient, non-judgmental and compassionate. She tailored a personalized nutrition plan to help reduce the effects of my condition, as well as giving me great advice on supplements that I was taking that weren’t doing any good for me, or that I wasn’t taking correctly. She was always on standby 24/7 for any questions I may have had and was always so enthusiastic about getting me the best solutions. Phoebe has such a warm, kind-hearted and friendly presence about her, she is an absolute pleasure to engage with and will definitely make you comfortable and at ease throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend her services!” – Róisin

“Phoebe, I want to thank you so so much. I was stuck in my workaholic cycle not making any time for any movement of my body. You listened to me, deeply listened to me and my needs. I felt no judgement & full allowance of my situation. We started off with tiny steps. It felt so good to move my body. Gradually we built to more movement. You were there for me, supporting me with whatsapp messages encouraging me & keeping me accountable. I am so grateful. This has made such a difference to my life. I am making more time for my body every day thanks to you!!” – Maria

“Phoebe is a pleasure to deal with and is passionate about her field. The experience served as a good reminder to prioritise my health and increased my personal accountability. The key learning for me was adding minerals to my diet, particularly for enhancing energy levels and reducing inflammation. An unexpected benefit is my nails have become strong, and were always weak/peeling. Thank you Phoebe!” – Cecilia 

“Although I knew the foundations of healthy eating during pregnancy, for me the primary reason for having Phoebe on my side during the course of my pregnancy was for weekly accountability to ensure I was being consistent with one of the primary important areas of the baby’s development – nutrition received in utero.  Having very low iron levels caused a lot of fatigue and nausea. After minor adjustments with food choices and times I ate, we were able to alleviate some of the adverse symptoms and regain some balance and normality. I found Phoebe to be realistic, practical, compassionate, very knowledgeable and down to earth with meeting my expectations of a support system. I learned loads and have kept up a lot of what we integrated during my breast feeding experience. I would highly recommend, especially if you tend to under prioritise food and want to create a healthy momentum that will support you long after the delivery of your baby.” – Cliona  

“I approached Phoebe for help following a bout of illness. My health and wellbeing felt out of sync and I knew I needed a kickstart to create healthy habits that would last. Working with Phoebe over the last few months has been a very rewarding and enlightening experience. But most importantly, she has helped me achieve all my goals – weight loss, eating healthier, discovering new foods and creating sustainable habits. Phoebe’s knowledge of how and why our bodies and minds work is impressive and her enthusiasm for recipes and ingredients that help you feel better is contagious. But she is also realistic and compassionate and understands it can be difficult for us to change lifelong habits. She’s the guiding force encouraging you to start making healthier, sustainable choices that actually last.” – Marie

“When I first started working with Phoebe I was exhausted, had very low energy most of the time, I drank very little water which led to many different problems I was having. I ate a lot of fruit and veg but I didn’t vary it very much. When I first spoke with phoebe I remember her saying that this is a lifestyle change not a diet so therefore there was no need to change my diet as such but just to add new things in and add more of a variety. Of course this led me to look at my eating in a new light, and also encouraged me not to look at this as a 4 week programme but a forever for me. After weekly recommendations from Phoebe I found my health improving in many ways. For starters my exhaustion had lifted, I felt so much energy from the different foods I was trying and from drinking a lot of water. I could feel the difference in my body and mind. It has been several weeks later and I still feel the same, and have still managed to remember all the good advice phoebe has given me and continue to use it on a daily basis. Phoebe has helped improve my lifestyle and health which has in turn helped my family as well. I also found Phoebe to be constantly there whenever I had a question to ask. She would also always follow to see if any issues I had had cleared. I hope to continue to work with Phoebe in the future and I cannot thank her enough for the improvements she has helped me make in my life.” – Patricia

“It was a pleasure to work with Phoebe over the past few weeks. It was great to have someone to contact with my questions and get a response that was tailored to me, rather than relying on a general answer from the internet. Phoebe is very knowledgeable and reliable as a coach, I could contact her at any time if I sought advice or support and she checked in with my progress regularly. I felt very comfortable opening up to her as she is a very warm, approachable and professional person who spoke very openly and honestly with me about my needs/ issues/ concerns. She provided me with recipes, useful charts and information tailored to the goals she advised me to work towards. She also recognised if there was an issue that she couldn’t help me with directly. She informed me on the reasons why and then referred me to a different type of specialist who would be better suited to help with my needs.” – Caitlin

“I have had an absolutely wonderful experience with Phoebe. She is incredibly knowledgeable, kind and genuinely wants to help you reach your goals. She is always up to date with the latest nutrition research and helps you understand the reasoning behind certain food choices. I have seen huge improvements in my health while working with Phoebe. Thank you for showing me ways to add to my diet and not to be afraid of trying new things.” – Denise

“Phoebe is an amazing girl and is truly brilliant at what she does. She offers great advice and will go through things with a fine comb. She has a great connection with her work  and I would recommend her to anyone.Thanks so much for the healthy tips  you have really woken me up to my diet and morning habits these were things that  I didn’t even think about properly  until they were highlighted to me. You’ve impacted my life in a great way so thanks so much. ” – Sarah